Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of territory. Stretching from Eastern Europe through the northern part of Asia to the Pacific Ocean.

In terms of population, Russia ranks at the end of the top 10 most populous countries in the world. Russia is one of Poland's neighbors, with which our country has a rich, unfortunately mostly not very pleasant, history. It would seem that this country does not hide any secrets. But are you sure?

Here are the 20 most surprising facts about the Russian Federation:

  1. The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is protected by… cats. Their task is to protect valuable works of art from the destructive activity of rodents.
  2. Russian Lake Karachay is today the most contaminated body of this type of water in the world.
  3. Only since 2013 in Russia has beer been recognized as alcohol.
  4. Compared to other countries in the world, Russians most often have problems with alcohol abuse.
  5. In one of the Siberian kindergartens, children run out in their underwear every day to the facility, pour cold water on each other and return to classes as if nothing had happened.
  6. 77% of the entire territory of Russia is occupied by a cold store and Siberia, which is not very friendly to the population.
  7. Russia has up to twice as many nuclear warheads as any other country in the world.
  8. Japan and Russia, despite the passage of time, still have not signed the peace treaty ending World War II.
  9. There are about 15 closed cities in Russia, i.e. those whose name is practically unknown, and the inhabitants live and follow their own rules, slightly different from all other parts of the country.
  10. All Russian banknotes have Braille markings.
  11. A statistical adult Russian drinks 18 liters of alcohol a year, and experts warn that this is twice the dose considered moderately safe.
  12. On the current map of the world, you can find as many as 21 countries that celebrate their independence day from Russia.
  13. Joseph Stalin did not start learning Russian until he was 8 years old (his native language was Georgian).
  14. 20% of the world's clean drinking water is in Lake Baikal.
  15. Before Joseph Stalin became leader, he robbed banks to finance his and his companions' communist activities.
  16. One of the Russian laws categorically forbids parents from telling their children anything related to homosexuality.
  17. If you were to travel continuously through 8 time zones on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok, you would need to spend 152 hours and 27 minutes on such a journey (without any breaks).
  18. Abortion and homosexuality were legal in Russia only during the reign of Vladimir Lenin.
  19. There are almost 10 more women than men in Russian society.
  20. Up to half a million people die each year in Russia due to alcohol consumption.
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