Summary: Girl
Summary: Girl

"GirlIt is an eloquent ballad rich in philosophical content. It tells of twelve brothers who died trying to break through the wall when they heard the voice of a girl calling - it is a symbol. It is a picture of the eternal, human striving for the ideal of eternal effort and effort of human work. Finale - payment for this work can suggest two interpretations.

The first is pessimistic: the history of the brothers is a metaphor for human life, full of absurd effort, aspirations and desires that serve no purpose, because only a vacuum can be achieved.

We can also accept optimistic interpretation: the activity and striving of the brothers was a fight against the world, the action itself - it is not the goal that gives meaning to human life, man is not a passive witness. There are twelve brothers - so it is a solidarity rebellion. What is true, which interpretation we choose depends only on the reader.

There are refrains here, syntactic parallelism. The poem is characterized by rhythm. The poet uses old forms such as usił, sworz, snowi; attributes human characteristics to inanimate objects.

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