Frosty weather outside, and you dream of a cruise on the Adriatic waters? You can already start planning your holidays, because thanks to this you will save a lot and it will be easier to organize the holidays of your dreams. The beginning of the year is a great time to book cruises in Croatia. You do not believe? Read the article and find out why you should think about a vacation on the water in advance.

Croatia - sea cruises in and out of season

The Croatian coast attracts tourists for most of the year. Ideal conditions for sailing exist there from the end of April even to October. Then the weather is usually conducive to recreational swimming and it's hard to be disappointed. However, it is worth thinking carefully about when we want to organize a sea holiday. Not only the weather matters. A quick look at the price lists of various companies is enough to notice that prices in the high season (especially in July and August) can be up to 50% higher. If we are interested in cheap cruises in Croatia, it is definitely worth considering sailing out of season. A cruise in late spring and early autumn has the advantage of avoiding the crowds in the marinas and the largest influx of tourists.

A way to get cheap cruises in Croatia - first minute offers

The date of the cruise is one issue that significantly affects the price, another is the date of booking. It turns out that the beginning of the year is a good time to review the offers of companies offering sea cruises in Croatia. Booking a yacht in advance can in some cases save up to 35%. This is a really significant difference for the wallet. 

Another argument in favor of booking well in advance is the availability of units. Holidays on the water is an increasingly popular holiday option in Poland. Booking a cruise in Croatia last minute means a limited choice of both dates and units. If you want to perfectly match the model of the yacht to your requirements and be sure that no one will clean it from under your nose during your vacation, it is better to make a reservation a few months in advance. You can book your dream cruise in Croatia on this website:

What should you keep in mind when booking a first minute cruise in Croatia?

As with any booking, first you need to specify the date of departure, purpose and number of people who will sail with us on holiday. It will depend on which unit will work best. It is also worth considering whether children will sail on a cruise to Croatia - if so, you also need to take care of their preparation and safety. 

If you plan to go on vacation with a crew of six, you can opt for a two-cabin yacht. Typically, these types of models offer two-person cabins and two berths in the mess. Please specify specific requirements depending on your cruise itinerary. If you're going to dine in continental eateries, you don't have to opt for a unit with a large, luxuriously equipped galley. Yachts are usually handed over with basic equipment: towels, bedding, navigation devices and life-saving equipment. However, it is always worth asking about the exact equipment of a particular unit. Electric winches, roller sails or air conditioning do not have to be standard, but they will certainly make sailing more enjoyable. When you book a first-minute cruise in Croatia, you have a lot of scope when it comes to choosing and personalizing your yacht.

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