It's late, there are a lot of people at the bus stop and the bus is not coming - how many times have we witnessed such a scenario. And of course that's not all...

Public transport is something that a very average person cannot function without, and at the same time the subject of nerves and a colossal number of problems. Why?

The answer to this question is very simple - urban transport lines very often have problems with arriving on time. Some are regularly late (of course in an irregular period of time) others arrive at least 4 minutes in advance. There are also very frequent cases of simply falling off the bus or tram from the route. And then what? Crowd of people at the bus stop - it should be added that most often already very nervous people. When any means of transport arrives at the stop, it turns out that it is totally packed. That's when the "struggle for existence" begins - usually at the door. Those getting on want to get in as fast as possible, those getting out want to get out.

Sometimes the clashes are improbable and resemble wrestling (who knows, maybe one day they will invent a similar sport?), often accompanied by colorful comments and polite phrases. The journey turns out to be extremely comfortable - here is the Polish nation showing its extraordinary love - all together so tightly hugged to each other. Idyll. After this dose of positive vibrations, a person leaves absolutely relaxed and does not even care that he is late for work, school or other activities. However, we can feel the discomfort of this ride not later, when it turns out that some man loved us so much that he decided to take our wallet or phone as a souvenir.

But public transport is also health - how many times have we run to a moving vehicle. With what grace you can fall inside, you don't even realize. Unfortunately, sometimes our speed turns out to be insufficient and then what? The polite driver closes the door in our faces. It's good that such people exist, because thanks to them we strive for perfection - next time we will run faster.

A completely different matter is the fact that the conditions in MPK, for which we happen to pay, are dazzlingly tragic. Buses falling apart, dirty seats, and that unforgettable smell. Incredible heat in the summer, rain in the fall and frost in the winter.

You could say that public transport has many disadvantages - probably more than advantages, but ... Who would arouse so much adrenaline in us? Who would take care of our health? Who would show us so much love and warmth? And finally, who would drive us to work, school or a date every day?

Only our beloved city MPK!

She prepared
Iza Rosiak

Summer Language Institute
Communication - basics