October is the month when a new or subsequent year of higher education begins. Some people seem to forget about it, which makes them downplay finding a flat/room for this period. Time passes, there is still no place to live, so what remains? At this point, it is worth considering the dormitory. To make your choice easier, in today's article, we will tell you the differences between the private one and the regular one.

Simplicity in getting a room

Each single university in Poland has regulations containing the criteria for assigning places in their dormitories. When we get acquainted with a few, we will discover that it is a rather problematic and convoluted process. Priority is given to students with children, married couples, foreign exchange students and those with a significantly limited home budget.

When it comes to private dormitories, the issue of assigning a room is much simpler, because the order of booking is the deciding factor. Formal aspects have been simplified to a minimum - the most important is the contract between the dormitory and the student.

You decide which room will be the right one

University dormitories are mainly based on rooms capable of accommodating at least two people. One-person apartments are scarce, which is why they are the domain of people with health problems or raising a child. It is worth mentioning that individual dormitories offer a choice of room standards, but they are not as qualitative as one might expect.

Private dorm like LivinnX allows the customer to select the four walls that are suitable for him. It is important that it has a large number of accommodations for one person, which will be a huge advantage for students who prioritize privacy. In addition, regardless of the type of room, each of them is characterized by appropriate equipment and workmanship.

An unprecedented standard

When you observe university dormitories, you can see that they were built many years ago, and their arrangement is closer to the PRL than to the present. This is also the reason why the rooms there are relatively cheap, but it is in vain to look for satisfaction in an uncomfortable bed and a small cabinet in which we will not be able to store all our possessions.

The second of the discussed dormitories are newly erected buildings with sufficient usable space, finishing and amenities in the form of a billiard table, a TV with a console, etc. All this to facilitate functioning in a difficult academic reality.

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