How to weave an interesting plot into a classic football game? EA Sports found a way in the next installment of their all-time game, with the next number FIFA 18 coins. Nobody needs to present the main assumptions of the series, but it is worth mentioning the new elements and variations, thanks to which the studio released a classic, but completely refreshed version of its production. We invite you to read this review 🙂

I would like to become a footballer

In this part we learn about the next fate of Alex Hunter in his football career. Transfers, big matches, friendships with the greatest players of the present time are just some of the proposals that EA serves us. Although consistency with the story is quite noticeable in this game mode, there is nothing to hide - it is secondary. Most decisions or conversations have no influence on the fate of our character. Oh, we keep pushing Alex's career forward. The character enjoys the transfers, can change the hairstyle or buy some clothes - but these are only additions to the main aspect of the game - playing meetings football, and as usual, we have a whole lot waiting for us.

Something good for everyone

Out of mode "Road to Fame"in which we get to know the story of the main character, there is also a mode available Ultimate Team, abbreviated as FUT. He is the heart of the game FIFA. Cel quite clear, as always, is to win consecutive matches. You can choose to play single player or multiplayer. The first one is so much simpler that artificial intelligence is quite predictable and quite often there are even obvious errors. Still, it will take quite a long time to earn some money. You can't forget about the manager's tasks or the squad building challenge. There are many more aspects to pay attention to. Creating the right team is not an easy task. The need to pay attention to the relationships within the team or the specific skills of a given player is mandatory. Like a coach in reality, sometimes we have to take difficult decisions. Useless players are best put on the transfer market right away. Money is a raw material that is always not enough to properly equip your team. In addition, it is necessary to buy injury or stamina treatment cards. Quite interestingly made negotiation system, where in real time we can genuinely take part in talks regarding the transfer or loan of the player we are interested in. Although this is a nice addition at the beginning, after a few such negotiations, it is worth turning on the automatic mode.

Let's play ball

Apart from all these additional elements related to building the perfect squad, the most important ones are after all matches. Graphically, as usual FIFA she is amazing. Even the stands are made with such detail that you can be amazed. An interesting fact is even the possibility of entering delicate interactions with fans. When it comes to playing matches, EA put quite a lot of emphasis on it tactical plays. Many moves need to be planned, sometimes you need to get acquainted with the tactics of a given club, it is worth preparing for counterattacks. On closer inspection, however, you can see that the more aggressive and dynamic you play, the better our players do. On the other hand, they are quite delicate and can easily fall out of the previously chosen direction. So you have to be very careful and prepare for it long matches. Both lovers of mathematically calculated tactical moves and those who simply push forward should be satisfied with the new FIFA.

FIFA 18 coins is a classic game that comes out in a slightly different version every year. It is even more difficult for EA that you have to deliver a product that will meet the expectations of demanding players every time. And it worked again. For over 20 years, football lovers have been able to play a match with their favorite football team.

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