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  • Hard questions
    Each of us is troubled by questions and dilemmas that are difficult to think about, let alone talk about out loud. And this is just the right place to talk about difficult, bothering you topics, also taboo. No moral-ethical restrictions!
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  • Ripening
    It is said that this is the most beautiful period in life .... and yet sometimes it can be hard - overwhelming problems; lack of understanding; new, unknown situations; but also joy and success. Here you can write about everything that hurts, annoys, wonders and makes you happy in your current life.
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  • Love
    Everyone wants it sooner or later, everyone is reached by the Hand of Love, for some it is gracious, others err and have to fight. In this forum, we write about the pitfalls, dilemmas and joys associated with the unique state of Love.
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  • Drugs
    Drugs, alcohol and other stimulants. Here you can learn almost everything about them, as well as talk about them.
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  • School
    We spend (or should spend) a large part of our lives in it. How to survive in it and become yourself? How to deal with everyday school demands? How to avoid the worst torments? What interesting things are happening at your school that you can't stand?
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  • News room
    Today's world and Poland are a lot of controversies and questions. In this forum we discuss all political, economic and social, as well as cultural and religious problems of the world. Here you can write what you don't like about today's system, which country will be the new superpower and which politician is corrupt (-;
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