Women's Day is fast approaching and you still don't have an idea for a gift? Do you think that chocolates or a bath set will not be the best solution? You're right! It's better to bet on something more original, and that's what LEGO® bricks are. Despite the fact that they are usually associated with toys for children, they can draw even an adult for hours. For this reason, they are perfect as a gift for a little girl, teenager and woman. Check what is worth giving on March 8 this year!

LEGO® Friends series - the perfect gift for a girl

Women's Day gifts they need to be thought out, even if you're handing them to a little girl. They will certainly be LEGO® Friends sets. Here are some sample suggestions:

LEGO® Set Downtown Home Decor and Flower Shop

LEGO® set Interior design shop and florist in downtown consists of over 2 colorful elements that trigger the imagination. With their help, you can arrange a modular building and then play with it using dozens of accessories, including furniture, animals and nine characters. The collection allows you to play many scenes, so the gifted girl will certainly need someone to accompany her. Such a gift can therefore become the perfect excuse to spend time together with LEGO® bricks.

LEGO® Hair Salon set

The girl will surely be delighted too LEGO® set Hair salon. Although it is a slightly smaller model, because it consists of 401 elements, it is nevertheless addictive. In addition to the title salon, the recipient will also receive a machine with life gums, a parking lot for scooters, a bench, plants, money and many, many other gadgets. There will also be as many as 3 figures, i.e. characters from the LEGO® Friends series, such as Paisley, Olly and Nadia. They will allow you to spend long hours styling each other's hair, as well as other activities. So without thinking, give the girl this set, and then your time, playing together with her.

LEGO® Architecture series - the perfect gift for a teenage girl

Ideal Women's Day gift for a teenager really exists! This LEGO® Architecture sets, a series of sets featuring breathtaking buildings from around the world. Here are the perfect suggestions for March 8:

LEGO® Paris set

The Eiffel Tower is an architectural icon that almost everyone would like to see at least once with their own eyes. However, this is not always possible, but then help comes set LEGO® Paris. It is a construction consisting of almost 650 elements that will delight every teenager. In addition to the previously mentioned tower, the teenager will also find in the package blocks that allow you to arrange the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées, Montparnasse Tower, Grand Palais and the Louvre. A great way to see the world and have fun!

LEGO® New York set

And if the teenager you want to gift has already seen Paris, why don't you show her New York now? It is a set of similar size, because it contains about 600 elements. Inside, there are buildings characteristic of the American landscape. The blocks allow you to arrange the Flatiron and Chrysler buildings, the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. The whole is completed with a plaque with the inscription "New York City".

LEGO® Botanical series - the perfect gift for a grown woman

Something for an adult woman for Women's Day? Among the series LEGO® Botanical there will be many successful gifts. Here are three flower suggestions that will delight an adult:

LEGO® Flower Bouquet Set

Colorful flowers are a classic idea for Women's Day gift, however, if you give them in the form of a LEGO® set, you will certainly gain in the eyes of the recipient. A great example of something that will charm your beloved, sister or friend is LEGO® set Bouquet of flowers. It is a composition consisting of over 750 elements, which allows you to arrange a variety of flowers, including roses, poppies and daisies. Thanks to the movable elements, you can create a unique bouquet that delights.

LEGO® Sunflowers set

It can also impress LEGO® set Sunflowers, i.e. a set consisting of less than 200 elements, which, however, is positively distinguished by its vivid colors. Using the blocks, it allows you to arrange the title two flowers with adjustable stems and movable leaves. After the fun is over (probably also in your company), the sunflowers can be placed in a vase. Nothing stands in the way of making a bouquet out of them, e.g. using other sets such as LEGO® Roses or LEGO® Tulips.

LEGO® Orchid set

The last proposition, but no less delightful, is LEGO® set Orchid. It is a plant placed in a classic pot, from which grow leaves, roots and stems with beautiful pink and white flowers. The set consists of over 600 elements that allow for hours of fun. If you help the recipient, you will certainly be able to arrange these blocks a bit faster, but in return you will gain priceless minutes of time spent together and unforgettable memories (which, of course, can be repeated again next year!).

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