Preply, the language learning brand for the online platform, has just prepared a report on the most important events and trends observed in 2022. Looking back at this year's trends, we can pinpoint why people learn languages ​​and what motivates them.

EdTech is the new welcome addition for employees

In 2022, many new trends emerged in the business world as a result of the COVID pandemic. In addition to the phenomenon of quiet quitting and the intensification of remote work, we have observed a great willingness of companies to increase the skills of current employees.

Increasingly, enterprises see EdTech as an added benefit they can offer their staff. Why? We are in a hurry to answer!

The Great Resignation involved a huge number of people who began to question their priorities and look for work-life balance. Companies, on the other hand, had to consider what they could offer to attract new employees and retain existing staff. The opportunity to acquire new skills in the workplace was a great motivation for employees.

The emergence of education and development managers also reinforces the importance of EdTech in the workplace. Learning foreign languages ​​not only makes employees happy, but also increases the company's profitability by 21%. It also helps to keep the company competitive in an increasingly globalized world.

Offering language training as an addition to salary brings many benefits: it improves employee communication, creates a uniform company culture and supports expansion into new markets.

In 2022, Preply was the platform of choice for businesses around the world, and thousands of employees are now using Preply as part of their employee benefits.

Ukrainian is the fastest growing language in the world in 2022

One of the most positive trends in 2022 is the number of people learning Ukrainian. Since the outbreak of the war in mid-February, we have witnessed a surge in the popularity of the language. The number of Preply users learning Ukrainian increased by 168% and the number of lessons increased by 400%.

Interestingly, most people learning Ukrainian come from the USA. This proves the students' willingness to get involved in what is happening in Ukraine and solidarity with this country. Learning a language provides a sense of community and unity.

In addition, Preply has waived fees from teachers from Ukraine, so learning Ukrainian on our platform is also a donation that helps tutors in Ukraine earn money for themselves and their families.

In terms of the number of Ukrainian students, Poland ranked just behind the USA. Since February 24, 2022, as many as 8,1 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed the Polish border. The increase in the number of Poles learning Ukrainian shows how educational platforms can help displaced persons and refugees feel almost at home. Our students show humanity and care as they learn basics such as popular

This trend also proves that language learning is a mirror of popular culture and current affairs. Following the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, there has been a surge in Portuguese learners around the world. Similarly, after the premiere of the series "Squid Game" on Netflix, the number of Korean students went up.

People learn languages ​​to develop themselves

When we look at the motivation of students in 2022, we see that their main goal was personal and professional development. English remains the most popular language, as we have already seen in our 2021 data.

This year, 64% of English students said they were motivated to learn by developing, and 68% said they were

for work. 52% of English students also admitted that learning is to help them further their careers. As you can see, the students were really motivated - we appreciate your efforts!

The desire to learn for personal development clearly confirms the link between the most popular languages ​​and immigration. For example, English is the most frequently chosen language to learn in England, and Spanish in the USA.

This proves that people who have emigrated to these countries use Preply to find their way around the country more easily. Online language learning breaks down cultural barriers in communities, schools and workplaces.

Who are the students?

Let's find out who the language learners are in 2022. At Preply, we know that every student has their own needs, goals and interests. That's why we offer flexible solutions to everyone.

Our students' favorite hobbies this year are travel, exercise and reading. Our platform is therefore like an anthill full of industrious ants! Thanks to the ease with which Preply can be used, students are able to find time to learn the language despite the rush of other activities. Even though they work or study, they can find time to meet the teacher at a time convenient for them.

Our users are also very diverse. 33% of users use Preply for professional development, and 18% are parents who want their children to learn a new language. 13% of Preply users are people who are moving to another country.

As the report shows, Preply is a solution for everyone, regardless of the reason for learning. We are glad that we have such a diverse range of students this year and we intend to expand our offer also in 2023. We want to offer the opportunity to learn the language to everyone who is interested - anytime, anywhere.

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