People! Share your tried and tested methods. If they are normal, they will definitely appear (so far all the ones I got were normal :] and they appeared). Send your ways to us!

* However, this method is only suitable for people who wear high shoes, e.g. boots. Depending on the color of the shoes, we find a piece of paper in that shade and write down the necessary information. The note can be stuck somewhere on the top of the shoe. Now all you have to do is cross your legs and slightly raise the trouser leg. The only downside to this method is that little information can be hidden. This is the best way to cheat on science subjects, where they require you to know formulas, etc. Oh, one more little note. In the case of black shoes, I suggest using a thin pencil to write on black paper.


* For downloading in this way, a pencil case will come in handy, in which we have a lot of pens, pencils, etc. arranged quite precisely (put in rubber bands) and an A5 sheet folded into cubes, preferably dirty and written with various stupidities. Somewhere on the corner of the paper we write a very short cheat sheet, and after bending it to the other side, some other cheat sheet (mini). Then we put the note behind the pens and pull it off, and when the teacher goes to another part of the class, we pretend that we have to take out another pen and turn the note over and pull it away. There is one drawback to this method: you can save a relatively small amount of information, so you have to have quite a lot carved out, but it's always something...

* To cheat in this way you need: have a transparent pen and a small piece of paper with the cheat sheet. We roll up the piece of paper, put it in a transparent pen and when the teacher is not looking - we download it. This is my brother's way and no one has caught him yet.


Here are some cool ways to download!?!
1) the method works only when we write a test with our tutor, i.e. we should accumulate a pile of excuses and give them before the lesson!!! He will 100% take them because he would be bored anyway. 😉
2) the method is the right watch specifically with the function to remember phone numbers the price is about PLN 30, and it's so useful :-)))
3) the method is to ask a friend from another class to call the office during the lesson and ask for a given teacher (very important matter ;-O
4) Stick the cheat sheet on your friend's back and cover it with a hood and everything should be ok.
5) This way is for people who can't figure out defow from computer science. For this, you need a 3,5 inch floppy disk, unfold it (tear it gently), pull out the contents and insert the cheat sheet in the shape of a circle, glue everything and turn the disk on the test, so it moves when the teacher approaches, we close the flap :-))) I downloaded it like this technical exams.
6) the method is to write a cheat sheet on the board and then gently erase the board :-))

Greetings from Phrix

* You are making a cheat sheet measuring approx. 2cm x 5cm. In this crib you make two holes on the right and left side of the crib. You tie a thread to the holes with a length of approx. 50cm on one side and approx. 15cm on the other. For the test, you put on a shirt, unbutton the sleeves, and put the cuff in the sleeve so that the shorter end of the thread sticks out through the sleeve, and the longer one near the buttons at the waist. You put your hands on your knees, you pull the short string and the puff pulls out through the sleeve (at least theoretically), and when the teacher (ka) looks at it, the longer string ticks and pulls back in the sleeve.


* You should prepare a piece of paper before the test (it's best to tear it out of your notebook:). Then, lightly apply all the ties to it with a pencil. Then, in class, write a test on this piece of paper. After everything is removed, wipe the cheat sheet discreetly with a pencil so that no trace is left. This cheat sheet works best in math and physics, because you don't even have to hide from rubber banding in these lessons.

* You will need a scanner and a good printer to complete the second cheat sheet. Sometimes in class teachers give some tables or diagrams to paste. Usually you have to learn them for a class. Then you have to scan such an image, and then reduce it in some graphics program. Then you can hide such a small piece of paper under a paper with a class or pencil case. Once, thanks to this cheat sheet, I got a four, although I could do absolutely nothing. I reduced the table of the size of a notebook sheet to 2 cm. Besides, it is good to write a cheat sheet in Word and print it in a font, e.g. 4.


* Hi Here's mine, it often works: if you're writing a test or a quiz, put a notebook for the subject you're writing from under your paper. Now some theory: I don't know if you've noticed, but the teacher on the test walks from behind because "they pull at the back". And that's it. I always sit in the front. Thanks to this, I cover the notebook with my body and the road is free. You just have to consider the teacher. However, when it is in the back, you can suck everything from the notebook. If the teacher doesn't catch you and mutters something about the notebook, you say that it's inconvenient for you to write without a notebook ... 😉 The method is quite effective 99%. He practices himself. I've never melted in... Good luck


* You can put a cheat sheet in a piece of paper on which you write. (double sheet from a notebook)


* Caution - brutal way. The class got a paper with a test... Only one person knows the answers... 4 machos approach the teacher and bam... The teacher is lying on the floor with a bag over his head tied to a radiator or to a chair. It's best to lock the door so no one can get in. PS During the “absence of the teacher” you have the diary at your disposal :)))


* If you have a slightly better laser printer, print the cheat sheet on transparent foil (you can buy it in computer stores). Such a cheat when it lies on a piece of paper, it is visible well and if you slide it onto a bench in a darker color or black pants, it ceases to be visible 🙂 Regards!!!!


* Swipe the cheat sheet written in large letters on the printer and before the lesson, we attach such an A4 sheet to the teacher's back (preferably with an upholstery stapler 🙂. The asshole is walking around the classroom, and everyone is looking at his back ....


* Here's a suggestion: First, you need to buy a dressing bandage (~1,50 PLN). Then you should put it on your hand and thus avoid writing all cards for the next few days - everyone is fooled (who would check if the hand is OK!).


* A good way to cheat can be to write important things on a fluorescent lamp in black marker (preferably in front of the teacher's desk). We should write on the edge so that the teacher cannot see. It's good, because the whole class cheats and the teacher won't fall for it.
When you wear white or light-colored shoes, you can put a crib on them. The teacher is unlikely to look at the shoes.

* When I tried the following method (successfully):
– I printed the cheat sheet on a transparent matte binder sleeve. Of course, on a dot matrix printer without ink ribbon (or with a very used ribbon - sometimes a better effect).
When you want to use the strings, you put a white sheet of paper under it - then you can see it well. When you remove the card and the shirt lies on the bench, the print is invisible even to you, and above all to the teacher!!!

Andrzej Stachurski

* A good way is to install a tie between the lower limbs (legs).
Pros: If a vampire (teacher) is approaching, you can easily skit the crib by bringing your knees together. For this you need to activate muscles such as the vastis medialis, the gracilis, the adductor longus, the tailor muscle, and in some cases, the iliopsoas would be advisable (you like to learn, so please chime in all these names. You have 3 minutes means minutes).
Disadvantages: The distance between the eyeballs and the surface of the crib, which is the subject of our considerations, is quite significant, so it is necessary to use a slightly larger font.

Uncle Dioni's proposal

* Sheet of paper, soft pencil, adhesive tape (transparent). After writing on a piece of paper, stick the tape on it, run it over with your fingernail... Now gently peel off the tape... the pencil left an imprint on the tape 🙂 You can stick the tape anywhere you want (I suggest a pen) HA! It pulls unobtrusively…
PS The method can sometimes cause trouble (the tape can tear off with the page :(( But try it people... IT'S WORTH!!!!


* When you pull, don't be nervous. Relax and don't worry. Your teacher can't tell you're nervous. Avoid crossing your eyes with him. When you're stared at, write and pretend you're wrong.

* If we really have a chicory and we are afraid that the teacher will catch us using the method described above. We can do this:
On the sheet on which we write the test tomorrow, we put the second sheet and write our cheat sheet on it with a pen. Now, as for a piece of paper, from underneath, we will look at a certain angle and we will see our cheat sheet. The teacher doesn't get off that easily. And finally, we run a ruler through the page to eliminate all evidence.

Of course, make the cheat sheets as small as possible so that the chances of the teacher detecting them are as low as possible. However, make sure they are legible for you. Write them with something very clear, so that it is not conspicuous to the teacher. If you have such a possibility, print the cheat sheets on a printer, they can be smaller, while still being legible.
Once we have such a tiny cheat sheet, it can be hidden during the test, e.g. to the sleeve (preferably wide), or to the knees, but then it's best if the card is the color of the pants.

Most often, however, students hide the strings under the palm that holds the pen. It's easy to look at a cheat sheet like this, but teachers often check our hands.

* A good way, although rarely effective, are the cheat sheets hung on the school newspaper. If the teacher is dull, he won't know why most of the class is staring at the bulletin board. However, those more clever will quickly figure out what's going on. Plus: if you drop by, it's the whole class, not just you

* We buy a pen for about a zeta (so cheap) and draw the most important, most difficult concepts with a compass. You probably won't fall with such a cheat sheet, but it's very tiring and not much will fit on it.

* On the nails you write (pencil or fineliner) everything that is most important. The method is useful, also for verbal answers.

* A reliable way for me is to write down the cheat sheet in advance on the bench where I will write the test. It's best to use a pencil to erase it easily later. However, we do not always have the opportunity to get to the class before the exam.

* When we know the questions or topics of an essay in advance, it's best to prepare a ready-made one. When making a finished work, leave room for questions or topics, unless you are sure that the teacher will not change them even slightly. We put the ready-made material right at the end of writing the exam.

* You can record a cheat sheet on a cassette and then lead the handset so that it protrudes slightly from the sleeve. If we want to listen to our cheat sheet, we put our hand to our ear, and for the teacher it looks like an ordinary support, from fatigue, for example

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