If you are a selfie lover… If you post your photos on Instagram or Snapchat… If you send handheld photos to your friends… this guide is for you! See how a phone with a good camera can be used to take the perfect selfie. Learn a few tricks, stand out from your peers and get more likes than them!

Shine like the sun, but remember about the lighting

There are many stars, and we only have one sun - become it thanks to the perfect photo. Use your phone with a good selfie camera. If you are at home, get close to a window. If you are outdoors, position yourself in front of the sun so that it illuminates your face well. If you stand the other way around, you will get the effect of overexposure and you will not be seen. If you stand sideways, you will have a shadow on half of your face.

Remember that this way of setting is not a hard rule. You can use the acquired knowledge to achieve a specific effect, e.g. slightly dark, hiding in the shadows, or innocent, when you are partially drowned in the sunlight.

How to hold a phone with a good selfie camera?

Girls like to be photographed from above, and for good reason. By holding the selfie phone above the eye line and tilting your head, you'll get the effect of a larger head and eyes in the photo. This body structure is characteristic of young mammals: both humans and other animals. A large head and eyes evoke the desire to take care of, they make you feel emotional. This is the effect you care about!

How to take the perfect selfie?

On the other hand, as a boy, you can take a selfie from the reverse perspective: holding the phone lower. The shot will give you stature and massiveness. You will seem bigger, stronger, braver, more attractive to girls.

Attention! The camera on the phone distorts the details located closest to the lens. If you want to hide a big nose, keep your head down.

Find your better profile

Every man has a better and pennies profile. Before adding a selfie to Instagram or Snapchat, take a few test photos of each profile. See how your hair looks when your eyes are bigger and which side looks better. If you're worried that you don't look your best from the front, don't worry. Few people like their photos from the front.

Use filters for selfie photos

A phone with a good selfie camera will allow you to take a nice picture, but finishing it is up to you. Instagram and Snapchat offer many ready-made filters that you just need to select with one click, and you're done. If none of them satisfy you, download the free application from the Play Store.

How to take the perfect selfie?

It is better to choose color filters than overlays. Why? While overlays can be fun and visually appealing, they obscure you. If hiding behind a computer-generated hat or glasses is exactly what you wanted, fine. However, if you want to look good in a selfie and be visible, play with colors, contrast, gradation, etc. Even Instagram allows you to change the filter parameters to your needs.

And finally, one more piece of advice. If you don't have a selfie stick, get one! Thanks to the long stick, you will cover a wider perspective and take a selfie in a unique scenery.

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