Jokes about Jas
Jokes about Jas

1. Jokes about Johnny

- Yeah, who's your father?
- He is sick.
"But what is he doing?"
- Coughs.

2. Jokes about Johnny

Little Kasia is playing with the children on the beach. He runs to his mother crying:
"Mom, some kid hit me on the head!"
"Who was it, a boy or a girl?"
"I don't know because it was naked!"

3. Jokes about Johnny

The lady instructed the children to write an essay on “There is only one mother”. The next day, the lady asks the children:
– Anna??
– We love our mother the most, because Mother is only one..
- Very nicely..
Finally, it's Jaś's turn, so he reads:
“In the evening, when father and mother sat down at the table, they shouted at Małgosia to bring three bottles of choice from the fridge. Małgosia went to the fridge and shouted:
'Mother! There is only one!'”

4. Jokes about Johnny

“Mommy, the kids at school say I eat a lot.
- No, not Jas. Don't worry, it's not true, just eat soup because I need a bathtub.

5. Jokes about Johnny

"Mommy, the kids at school say I have big glasses!!"
– Jasiu, don't worry, take them off in the hall, wash your hands and come to dinner.
After some time, the drunk father comes home and calls from the threshold:
– Holy shit, who put the bike in the hall here!!!

6. Jokes about Johnny

Jasio asks his dad:

"Dad, how far is America?"
"Don't talk so much, but row!"

7. Jokes about Johnny

- Jasia, don't bite your nails - screams mom.
– Jasiu, I repeat, don't bite your nails.
- Jasia, damn it, don't bite your grandma's nails or I'll close the coffin!!!

8. Jokes about Johnny

The teacher asked the students to write an essay on the topic: "How do you learn?". Jasio wrote:
“The more a person learns, the more he knows. The more he knows, the more he forgets. The more he forgets, the less he knows. The less he knows, the less he forgets. So why study?!”

9. Jokes about Johnny

Tell me, Jasiu - they ask a little boy - is your mother sick that she is in bed?
And you to this:
- No, he's just afraid that his father will change his bed for vodka

10. Jokes about Johnny

"Mommy, the kids at school say I have big ears!"
- No, not Jas. Don't worry, it's not true, just don't shake your head like that, or it'll be draughty again.

11. Jokes about Johnny

The children were supposed to bring various items related to medicine to school. Małgosia brought a syringe, Kasia brought a bandage, and Basia brought headphones.
"And what did you bring?" - Jasia's teacher asks.
– Oxygen apparatus!
- Yes…? And where did you get it?
- From my grandfather.
"What about Grandpa?"
– Eeeeh… cheeee….

12. Jokes about Johnny

Jason is writing an essay. At one point, he turns to his father:
"Daddy, could you give me a sentence about the disaster?"
“There is not a drop of vodka in the house

13. Jokes about Johnny

At the construction site, during a school trip, the lady says to the children:
– It is very important to wear helmets. I knew a boy who didn't wear a helmet. One day a brick fell on his head and killed him on the spot. I also knew a girl who wore a helmet and when a brick fell on her head, she smiled and kept walking.
- I know her - says Jasiu - lives in our block. He still wears a helmet and smiles.

14. Jokes about Johnny

Jasio asks his dad:
Can you write with your eyes closed?
– I can!
- That's great. Sign me a few times in my diary.

15. Jokes about Johnny

Jaś returns home all wet.
-What happened? the mother asks.
We were playing dogs.
-So what?
-I was the lighthouse……. :-))

16. Jokes about Johnny

Who is a hypocrite? you ask in class.
-I know- this is a student who claims to like going to school- replies Jasio.

17. Jokes about Johnny

Upset mother to daughter:
"You know what happens to little girls who don't eat everything on their plate?!
“I know, they stay thin, they model and they make a lot of money…

18. Jokes about Johnny

– I forbid you to use bad words – reprimands Jasia's father.
– But dad, these words were used by Mikołaj Rej!
"Then don't play with him anymore!"

19. Jokes about Johnny

After checking homework in elementary school…
– Not a single addition operation is done correctly!!!
"But it wasn't me doing my homework, it was my dad!!!"
"And who is he?"
- A waiter...

20. Jokes about Johnny

- Jasiu, what part of speech is the word "monkey"?
- This is the past tense of the noun man

21. Jokes about Johnny

– Daddy, I saw our neighbor chasing a bus starting from the bus stop…
-And what? "I set him on our Rex and he made it…"

22. Jokes about Johnny

On a school trip in the forest, Jasio points to blueberries and asks the teacher:
"What is it, sir?"
– Jasiu's black berries.
"And why are they red?"
Because they're still green!

23. Jokes about Johnny

There is a lesson. The lady is playing guessing games with the children. Children ask you riddles, and you try to answer them as far as your (modest) possibilities. It's Jason's turn. Jaś gets up and asks:
"What's long, red, and stops a lot?"
The red-faced lady exclaims:
"Jasiu, how can you do such dirty things..."
And you are happy about it:
– It's a bus, ma'am, but I like your way of thinking!

24. Jokes about Johnny

A lady at school asks Jasia:
– Tell me who it was: Mickiewicz, Słowacki, Norwid?
- I do not know. And do you know who Zyga, Chudy and Kazek were?
"I don't know," replied the surprised teacher.
"What are you threatening me with with your gang?"

25. Jokes about Johnny

Jasiu comes home from school and shouts:
- Mom, mom, I did a good deed today.
- Then speak.
– Colleagues put a pin point up on the teacher's chair. He was about to sit down when I pulled out the chair...

26. Jokes about Johnny

Jason comes home. Mom screams:
"Why are your hands so dirty?"
Because I was playing in the sandbox.
"But why are your fingers clean?"
"Because I whistled at the dog."

27. Jokes about Johnny

Lady at school to Jasia:
– Jasiu, your behavior is scandalous! Tomorrow you will bring your father to school!
Jasio to this (calmly):
"I don't have a father."
"What happened to him?" asks the surprised teacher.
“The roller ran over him.
"Then let mother come."
“Mother was also run over by a roller.
- Do you have a grandfather? she said with a bit of doubt.
- No.
"He was run over by a roller too?" the question showed almost astonishment.
- Yes.
– And grandma?
- Too.
"But I suppose you have an uncle or an aunt who escaped that terrible death?" she asked doubtfully.
- No. - Jasia's voice was as calm as at the beginning - Everyone was run over by a roller.
- Poor Jason! What will you do now? The teacher began to feel sorry for him.
"Nothing," replied the resolute Jasio. "I'm going to keep rolling."

28. Jokes about Johnny

Jasia complains to her mother:
“Mom, the kids say I'm a vampire.
– Don't worry and eat this borscht faster because it will coagulate!

29. Jokes about Johnny

Biology lesson.
– What is the name of the largest animal living in our forests?
– Miss Jasia asks.
– Ring.
"A bear, perhaps?"
"If you don't bear, then I don't know."

30. Jokes about Johnny

The family is eating dinner quietly, until suddenly Jasiu bursts in and yells:
– Mom, grandma, sister, Daddy hanged himself in the attic.
Everyone throws spoons and plates and rushes up the stairs, and Jasiu calmly:
- April Fool's Day…
So everyone a big "UFFFFF"...
And Jasiu ends:
- … in the basement…

- - -

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