Young, old, women, men… Many of us dreamed of a career
in the music industry. Many have found out how difficult the art is. one
shine on Polish, European and even world stages, others
overwhelmed by failures in career development, they give up. So how
to get to the pedestals of the music market?

The first and most important factor is our skills. Not even
necessarily talent (although it is very useful). Skills can be developed
hard work. and it's very hard. If someone thinks that music is an easy piece
please, leave this industry alone. Whether we sing or catch up
one thing we can be sure of. Many hours are waiting for us
on learning and improving your skills. This is the first step we must take
to become a music star. After all, no one will listen to the scribbles
minor musician or singer.

If you think you've acquired skills, you need to show off
them to someone. Not necessarily a wide audience. Krakow was not built right away. Best
look for objective people who will be able to point out our shortcomings.
Do not be afraid of criticism, treat it rather as a kind of answer to the question,
what we can improve and what we do well. By choosing objective listeners,
remember: we skip mom, dad, family, friends, good colleagues. They
they will not tell the truth, because they will always like it, or they do not want to offend you.

An objective listener confirmed our skills. What's next?
I had to collect my repertoire. Preferably self-produced, although not at the beginning
it will hurt to have a few performances of other people's works. So-called covers will help
initially the listeners to refer to our considerable skills.
However, the number of covers should not be exaggerated, copying is also a mistake
original artist. The cover must have its own atmosphere, our unique one
climate. But the most important are your own original pieces. Thanks to them, the audience
looks at the performer as a composer and artist, not as a guest,
who pretends to be someone.

Time for the next step. Let's record our performances on some medium.
Yes, to be able to share it in any way. We don't have to right away
look for a professional publisher. For a small amount, we can collect at home
equipment necessary for recording. We have a computer, so most of it is already there.
A few free sound processing programs, a microphone, some listening
and you can create a small home recording studio. And with a decent effect.

Originality. Nothing more nothing less. You have to be original to stand out.
It's not just about clothes, but image is also important.
Our approach to the listener, the ability to draw him in, must be original
our world and fun. Without it, we'll quickly leave the scene.

The team is well-coordinated, the material is recorded. It's time to show yourself to a wider audience.
Let's look for a place where we can present ourselves to people, and at the same time
start earning. Let's avoid performances for free, because if in several places
we will play for the proverbial thank you, other organizers will start to remind you:
You played there for free, and you don't want it for us? There must be a fee.
Smaller, bigger, but must. It will be useful for better equipment, and if you already have it,
it's for living, planning your first major tour, etc.

Self-denial and stubbornness in pursuit of the goal. You must have it. The show didn't come
to the effect because they refused you the opportunity to play? Search for the next place.
They will still ask you to play with them. The concert didn't work out?
Don't worry, practice makes perfect. There will be stage fright after every performance
smaller. You just get used to the scene, and all you have on
do it, you will do it automatically. Find places, give concerts, become more and more
more recognizable.

Look for a manager. With time, you will run out of time to look for opportunities
to play a concert on your own. Find someone dynamic, agile who
It will help you. Maybe you have someone like that among your friends, and by the way
you give him a chance to earn money. He will plan a concert tour, agree on a salary,
will organize trips, take care of the equipment and image on the Internet. Of course.
You should also advertise there. This will make the fans feel better
access to information about the band, current line-up, planned concerts.
Own website, band or artist profiles on portals
must be social. Having a manager does not release you from the obligation
interacting and dialogue with fans. Another condition
necessary to make people remember you.

Be on the wave. Don't let yourself be forgotten, record tracks, singles,
whole plates. Just don't rest on your laurels. Enough of the one-year-olds
stars that will shine to be replaced in a few months by
someone else. As much as you can financially, also give charity.
Not for reverberation, just if you have a lot, share with others.

The most important advice!!! Stay away from any drugs
drugs and alcohol. Even if you don't know who supported you, they will help, simply
this person is lying and wants to hurt you. Drugs and alcohol destroy and end careers.
Lots of cases like this!

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