About us

Teener.site (formerly known as Strefa9.pl) is a website for young people, which has existed since March 25, 2001!

From the very beginning it was an unusual service…

It was supposed to be only a service for students of one of the schools in Lodz. Nothing more. Over time, it turned out that most often we were visited by people who did not even know about the existence of such a school. Over time, we developed more and more. New departments, new subsites, new services.

Our target is…? Right, what? 🙂 We currently have m. a rich collection of essays, summaries, articles, codes and tips for games and many other interesting "stuff". And that's not all we can do. Exactly! Soap and jam. Apparently everything is useless, and we have almost everything, apparently 😉 It's not like that though.

Our goal is to serve you, i.e. young, active people. Help with a good example of an essay, throw a good joke, give an article on an interesting topic, or help go through the next level in the game. But that's not all 🙂 We still have a forum, and not just any. Everyone praises their own, but see for yourself. This is not an ordinary forum! Amazing atmosphere, great people who will help you with any problem.

Since the beginning of our existence, we have won many different and various awards. The most important of them is the Grand Prix title in the Best Guide category in the prestigious I.NET AWARDS 2003 competition.]

The most important thing, however, is that we still exist, and it's been a long time. It wasn't easy, oh no 🙂

We hope that we have helped you at least a little bit in anything 🙂 It doesn't matter if it's in writing your homework, or in passing the next level, or in a life problem. Just like that 🙂

You can contact us via this form.