Jokes and pranks from a student's notebook
Jokes and pranks from a student's notebook

1. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • There is a market in our town, surrounded by brothels.
  • And the husband carried his newly-baked wife out of the fire...
  • The Greeks turned the Trojans into a horse.
  • Pan Tadeusz saw Zosia on the fence and recognized that she was a virgin.
  • The poet has been smoothing his tongue for many years.
  • The Tsar, going to his destination, was based on murder.
  • The peasant milked the cow by the pond, and in the water it looked the other way around...
  • Columbus saw on naked Indians pendants of pure gold.
  • Glogowians poured hot tar on the scratching Germans

2. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Kochanowski tries to hit the nobleman's most sensitive spot.
  • Mr. Shakespeare described Hamlet and Oferme.
  • Moliere wrote a comedy called "S'win'tuszek"
  • The most outstanding Polish satire was Ignacy Krasicki.
  • Boguslawski traveled with corpses all over Poland.
  • Zosia was lying on the meadow, and a stream was flowing through her center.
  • ...lived in Mrs. Kolichowska's tenement house, which was old, three-story and dilapidated.
  • Kochanowski created under the pear tree where he lived.
  • The poet was born partly in Zaosie and partly in Nowogrodek.
  • Mickiewicz wrote poetry and Słowacki poems.

3. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Mickiewicz met many people from whom he always took something.
  • Slowacki was frail because he had inherited his father's lungs.
  • Aleksander Fredro wrote a comedy entitled "A great man with a small business".
  • Some bacteria break down manure into compote
  • The turtle must be firm on the outside because it is completely soft in the middle
  • Birds are very different from reptiles - flying and the structure of the mouth
  • The leaf has such a role in life that it has to breathe in and out all the time
  • A rodent is an animal that gnaws at everything it can, e.g. apples, leaving cores behind

4. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Among the viruses we distinguish: microbes, microns, microbes and microbes
  • Wolves are classified as toothed animals
  • Jellyfish live in the human large intestine, so it is a useful pest
  • Farmers don't like moles because they gnaw at their roots
  • Cell membranes perform a very important function in the life of the cell: knowing whom to let in and whom to let out, i.e. the functions of a customs officer
  • The liver was spyed all day
  • An alcoholic can't have children because he's shaking
  • The earthworm is pointed, because if it were rectangular, it would tire a lot when entering the ground

5. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • The cow is a herbivorous animal
  • The spine consists of a vertebra and a tail
  • During fertilization, the sperm fuses with the egg and forms a tumor
  • In autumn everything falls from the trees
  • Yesterday in our class, the doctor was examining children with hygiene problems
  • The head is mounted on the molar of the spine
  • Coal grows on trees
  • The white butterflies whose babies eat cabbage are called cabbage butterflies
  • The kangaroo carries a baby in a bag
  • Chickens are the product of fried eggs
  • Occupational diseases include: pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis and gonorrhea
  • The doctor before the operation washes hands and nurses

6. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Corn grows in holsters and has yellow teeth
  • Diseases spread from plant to plant and sometimes even from year to year
  • STDs are spread by the press, radio and television
  • Camels roam the deserts in carnivals
  • You can get rabies if you bite a rabid dog
  • The chameleon has eyes that can turn its head around
  • Snails are edible, but only in France
  • Coal can be stony and brutal
  • All mushrooms are edible, but some only once
  • Intoxicated youth can produce offspring

7. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Bacteria that spread through sneezing lead a nomadic lifestyle
  • Ivory grows out of the nose
  • The rat is very intelligent because he does not like to eat poison
  • Pines bear cones
  • At the flower exhibition, I liked the lady who guided us the most
  • Peacock feathers are produced by a peacock
  • The trough should be washed after eating the pigs
  • In the construction of some beaches, we distinguish the abdomen and skids
  • The respiratory system passes through the nose and throat into the stomach
  • A person's gaze is forward, not positioned to the sides like a frog

8. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • The respiratory system serves to expel the lungs from the body.
  • Cats reproduce like humans, but there is a difference - their offspring are born blind.
  • It doesn't matter if you boil a soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg; it's not going to be healthy anyway.
  • Mushrooms consist of a cap, stem and worms.
  • Man differs from animals in thought, speech, deed, and to some extent appearance.
  • Polyps are classified as coeloms; most often we meet them in the sea and in the nose.
  • There is spinach in the bones.

9. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Cancer is an arthropod because it holds its legs in joints.
  • Cows, goats and sheep are interchangeable animals.
  • Hygiene… that is when we wash more often than we have to.
  • The most common mountain mammal is the goral
  • Pegasus lost its wings in the course of evolution and hence we have horses
  • In frogs, the forelimbs are longer than short.
  • This fluid is also a liquid in a sense
  • The fats dissolve in the saucepan
  • When hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a double ratio, we get water
  • Salt water contains salt and sweet water contains sugar
  • In a test tube you can do not only experiments but also children
  • A carbohydrate is carbon soaked in water

10. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Hydrochloric acid will corrode everything it encounters on the road and on the highway
  • SiO2 is the wine my dad calls "pryta" or "colostrum"
  • Sulfur is present on matches
  • After using the sobriety test, the citizen changed color. This is a sign that alcohol has been used
  • Sulfur has suicidal properties
  • The smallest part of chemistry is the primrose
  • Some gases are as smelly as human exhaust
  • Columbus thought he had discovered India, which was the United States
  • Copernicus moved the earth and saw that it was round
  • Asia is the largest continent on Earth and even in the world
  • Hard coal and lignite miner are extracted from Silesia with a pickaxe
  • The climate is something constant that you don't know when it changes

11. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • The Dead Sea was killed by some people in the XNUMXth century until today
  • In Australia, man mates with the Aborigines
  • Although the moon shone in the sky, the day was sad and gloomy
  • We call sailors with one eye pirates
  • Coal was made of ferns, fiddlesticks and clubmoss
  • Weathering of rocks is a purely theoretical concept because all of them have weathered long ago
  • Shepherd told tourists for a long time that silence is golden
  • Earthquakes and vulcanization affect the shape of the Earth's surface
  • Europe is an earthly continent
  • In fog, the lighthouse keeper howls on the lighthouse and warns the ships with this
  • Coal is found all over the globe, for example in my cell

12. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • On the globe, we distinguish meridians, northerners and whole chamber pots
  • Since the time of Copernicus, the Earth has revolved around the Sun
  • Highlanders make kierpka from their own skin
  • Two opposite points on the globe are called diarrhoeas
  • Amurdsen planted a flag at the Pole
  • The Vistula flowing through Zulawy falls into depression
  • On some Indonesian islands people go naked
  • People do not live in the mountains, only gorals
  • Scientifically speaking, there are no sunrises and sunsets, only the Earth spinning one way or the other.
  • Rivers formed from loess are like thick soup.

13. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • A clearing is a form of a forest without a forest.
  • August II was the electron of Saxony
  • Emperor Claudius was shy, so he did not dare to kill his wife
  • Wars and Sawa built Warsaw on both sides of the capital
  • The barbarians were very kind and polite people
  • The November Uprising was in November, and so was the October Revolution
  • The coalition in the Sejm relies on closer relations in the law
  • Kosciuszko took it out and said he would not hide it
  • In 1863, the sensational war broke out in America
  • The National Education Commission included all the girls
  • In the XNUMXth century, the Poles had a heavy army
  • Washington was the president of the United States, and Lincoln was the president of the United States

14. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Hitler was the most dangerous of the Hitlerites
  • The Trojan Horse was a treacherous art
  • Anders was uniformed up to the waist
  • The death penalty is irreversible
  • The Achilles heel is a place that is vulnerable to death
  • For Columbus to discover America, it had to be covered first
  • Best wishes for exhumation were offered to the whole army unit
  • Cyril and his methods had a great influence on the development of culture
  • In the old days, peasants lived longer because they plowed themselves, not tractors

15. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Drzymala was driving around in a cart and the Germans could have jumped on him
  • Soldiers wear green uniforms to pretend to be grass
  • The king wears a cap on his head, called a crown by some
  • All young people from 16 to 60 years old were drafted under the arms
  • Hussar wings weighed half a meter
  • Roman slaves were used for the hardest work, some as teachers
  • The countries of Europe looked at the murders of the tsars with an evil eye
  • The Poles were brave and fought in the fight for England, fighting for England's independence
  • The document consisted of three parts: the first, second and third
  • Mummies were used as tomb inserts and were made by the Egyptians
  • In the XNUMXth century, many plants were cultivated that were not yet known

16. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Primitive people, when they wanted to start a fire, had to rub flint on flint and put old newspapers underneath
  • In the past, all farm work was done by hand with oxen
  • Thanks to sepuku, the Japanese could show their true insides
  • Brave applied to the paper for the crown
  • On the square where the statue of Jagiello stands, a great battle called Grunwald once took place
  • In the old days, people slept on stoves because they had nothing to burn
  • Daedalus could do all kinds of things, so Minos' wife gave birth to a child
  • It's only because of women that there are wars, because they usually give birth to soldiers
  • Queen Bona brought celery, cauliflowers and pasta to Poland

17. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Emilia Plater was a colonel with female breasts visible from under her uniform
  • Franz Jozef, apart from women, also slapped horses, while others slapped poverty
  • A medieval knight consisted of a head, armor and a horse that stood at every beck and call
  • The Slavs lived in houses made of wood, from which the smoke came out through smaller holes and the Slavs through larger ones
  • The mummy is the pharaoh's wife
  • Modern man was created by primitive people
  • Jagiello had only four sons with Sonek because the magnates refused to support him
  • The Indians killed and scalped whatever they could
  • During the total mobilization, even elderly children were conscripted into the army
  • Early humans had flint organs.

18. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Serfdom sat on a bench and watched the peasants working in the fields.
  • The car in which the general was driving unexpectedly received two bullets in the stomach.
  • Electra, as her name suggests, discovered electricity in ancient times.
  • Mice bit Popiel, his wife Dormouse and daughter Ashtray.
  • Boleslaw the Brave was brave. tall, strong and heavy.
  • America was discovered by a certain Colombo.
  • Rejtan, not wanting to allow Poland to be partitioned, stood in the doorway and undressed himself.
  • A chorus of satirists sang in honor of Dionysus…
  • Krolow was elected in former Poland on the principle of free erection…
  • The Virgin of Orléans only lost her virtue with the rest of her body at the stake.

19. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Leonidas became king because he looked good out of his nose.
  • If we divide the prism along the diagonal of the base, we get two coffins
  • The Pythagoras triangle is a square triangle
  • The sum is not the result of addition, but the mass on Sunday morning
  • A circle is a line without angles, closed so that it is not known where the beginning is
  • An isosceles triangle has equal sides but one side is shorter
  • Inch inch is like daughter of daughter or granddaughter
  • The ruler, protractor and compass are mathematical instruments
  • In the life of Pythagoras, only the abacus and the calculator, which were not known at that time, mattered
  • A 20 cm ruler is over 20 cm
  • A rectangle differs from a square in that it is sometimes taller and sometimes wider

20. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • The first man on earth didn't feel lonely because he couldn't count
  • Mozart's "Turkish March" wasn't a Turkish March at all, it was just called that
  • During the holidays I saw the opera, but only from the outside
  • In the inn, a musician played the violin from ear to ear
  • Chopin knew music, especially the piano
  • Beethoven was deaf, but at least he could see what he was composing
  • The bugle call on the radio is played on the trumpet every day and on Sundays
  • There is a girls' mixed choir in our school
  • In the XNUMXth century, composers wrote denunciations on sheet music
  • Bach was married in his lifetime and had several children

21. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Chopin died of gill inflammation
  • "Bogurodzica" was often sung at the beginning of the Battle of Grunwald
  • In the poem "Song of the Drum" the drum plays the first violin
  • Chopin turned everything he saw into music
  • The organs are made of large and small tibiae
  • The director of the Philharmonic is a guy who doesn't know a treble clef from an outhouse key
  • Mozart's Requiem Mass was completed by another composer because he died and didn't have time
  • Zacy went door to door and sang, and in return they got eggs and food
  • The teacher played the records that went with the soldiers into battle

22. Pieces from the student's notebook

  • Jontek found clues to life on his clock in the cottage
  • Chopin – is probably the greatest player in the world
  • Drums are a set of pots in which music is boiled
  • The harp is similar to the swan, only it swims worse
  • Chopin is long dead, but his music still haunts great pianists.
  • We use some parts of the horse to play the violin.
  • Moniuszko discovered Halke on stage.
  • Chopin, the greatest Polish composer, wrote exclusively on the piano.
  • Barak, beetroot, or whatever his direction in art is

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