Science holidays in Florida, California or New York? Is an all-inclusive option possible, thanks to which studying in the USA will be cheaper than in Poland? Check with us how to do it!

U.S. college requirements

By checking the information available on the Internet about studying in the USA, you will first find out that the USA has the best universities in the world. Thanks to the rankings, you will also find out that there are 40 American universities in the top 100 and occupy the highest positions. You will probably read about Ivy League and the very high costs that you have to incur to study in the USA. The amounts that will appear may oscillate around USD 000 per year. If you don't get discouraged, you can check what the application process for American universities looks like. You will read about the SAT exam, high requirements and impossible to exceed score thresholds. However, is there a way to get into a university in the US by taking a less demanding path, without incurring unimaginable costs, while making studying in the US cheaper than in Poland?

The higher education system in the USA is similar to the one we know from the Polish backyard. Numerous differences concern detailed solutions, and their accumulation causes many people to give up taking up the challenge. We think this is a big mistake.

Studying in the USA can be cheaper than in Poland, and by investing your time in preparing for the application, you can count on a generous reward in the form of all-inclusive studies for 4 years in sunny California, Florida or New York.

Universities in the USA are known for the highest quality of teaching and the highest tuition costs. Epic campuses are among the most expensive in the world, and the cost of living exceeds the means of many high school graduates. The best colleges require a fee of $80 per year. In addition, you have to pay a considerable USD 000 for the campus. In addition to all this, there are fees for exams, tests, translations of documents, etc. However, there are ways to reduce these costs to an absolute minimum or even eliminate them.

Universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, Princeton University, Columbia University USA, California Institute of Technology CALTECH, University of Chicago, Yale University, Cornell University, John Hopkins University and New York University will become an opening in front of you.

The most common requirements for applying to study in the USA relate to the need to pass the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), i.e. the American matura exam, good and very good grades on the second, third and fourth grade certificate of secondary school. TOEFL or IELTS language competence test, a properly prepared and written cover letter, letters of recommendation from teachers, extensive extracurricular experience (competitions, volunteering, social activities) and a very, very wealthy wallet.

We don't mean to say that everything can be avoided. It's not true. If you want to study in the USA, you need to know English at a very high level. You must be an independent person because you will be moving in a new environment without the support of loved ones. In order to study in the USA, you need to prepare application documents and translate them into English. These are the things that must be done. However, we suggest how to do it optimally and without having to incur costs that are beyond the reach of most of us.

Full Ride, i.e. scholarships to study in the USA

Some American universities, and given the fact that their steaks are in the world rankings, use a scholarship program known as full ride or full tuition. Universities that use such a solution inform about it on their websites. Thanks to this option, you can receive a full scholarship that covers all study costs from tuition, through books, dormitory, to airfare. Two conditions must be met to use this option. First of all, you need to get into a university that offers this type of scholarship, and secondly, based on financial documents, you must prove that you are unable to bear the costs of studying. In the first case, it is worth taking an interest in universities from the second and third hundred world rankings. It is easier to get into them and we still deal with universities classified much higher than the best universities in Poland. However, people with good testimonials are encouraged to apply to the best universities. Check application deadlines and try to prepare for the earliest ones. This way you increase your chances. American universities usually use three deadlines for applications (early session, winter session and spring session), and American students like to tweak their applications until the last moment, the more that they can take the American high school final exam (SAT) any number of times, at intervals of several months, until achieving the desired result.

Duolingo English Test

A certificate confirming the knowledge of the language will be a necessary document in the application process. Do you want to study in English? You must know English. TOEFL and IELTS exams, which are popular in Poland, cost around PLN 800, you have to sign up for them, go to the place where they are organized and wait until they are checked. In the USA, the Duolingo exam is quite popular and most importantly accepted by a large part of universities. You can take this exam online at home. The test takes 60 minutes and you will get your results after 48 hours. On the test page, you can practice beforehand and check which universities accept this test. By the way, its price is PLN 200. The desired test result is around 80/90%.

Test Optional

An increasingly popular form of proving one's academic competence is to present exam results other than SAT. The SAT test can cause many difficulties for Polish students. The writing and reading part requires many months of preparation, while the maths part for a Polish high school graduate should be a piece of cake. Mathematics at the American matriculation exam is the Polish level of primary school. Therefore, if you do not have time to prepare for the SAT exam and get the right result (preferably over 1200, 1400 points out of 1600 possible), look for a university that offers the optional test! In this option you will be able to present your matriculation results. If you are serious about your studies, we assume that they will be at least good! What if you apply in the early session and are in your final year of high school? There are universities that will be satisfied with the prediction of your matriculation grades. Talk to the teachers and specify with them the expected results of your matura exam. Then prepare a document that they will sign and seal. We know effective cases of such actions. More information can be found on our project page. We emphasize that the Fly High University project is a social project, and the content posted is free and is intended to encourage students to study abroad.

Need Blind Admission

This formula is used by many, even the best, American universities. In essence, it boils down to the fact that universities encourage applications, and tuition fees are determined individually depending on the financial capabilities of the future student. According to the data we have obtained, less than half of American university students pay full fees. Most benefit from scholarships, discounts or study completely for free. The Need Blind Admission system was created to equalize opportunities and attract valuable students who are unable to bear the full cost of tuition. It boils down to the fact that the amount of the tuition fee is determined individually after the application has been approved. If your family income is over $150 per year, your tuition fee should be around 000% of that income. For incomes between USD 10 and USD 65 per year, tuition fees at the best university in the world will be up to 000% of income. If your family income is less than $150, you may be eligible for a full fee waiver. The policy of the university in this regard is very individual and you need to check how it is shaped at the university you want to apply to. One thing is for sure, it's worth applying to universities in the USA and worry about the costs later!

Extra-curricular activities

American universities value applicants who are active and undertake various extracurricular activities. Polish secondary schools are quite active in this regard. You can take part in competitions, implement social projects, actively support volunteering, take part in MUN and Erasmus projects. What if you don't have time for it and you have to apply in a few months? Be creative. Create your own social project, invite your friends to it, run an information campaign in social media. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are free and great for documenting your activities. You can set up a fundraiser on one of the well-known platforms, and donate the funds obtained to those in need. You can use free tools to create a website on an interesting topic that solves a social problem. Make sure that these activities are publicized. Use social media. Write a few articles on topics that interest you and publish them on free web portals. You can organize and task yourself in this area. Remember that a weekend spent on writing an interesting article is just the beginning. Now you have to get others interested in it, and that's already a challenge. Americans know it well and can appreciate it.

Look for a company where you will do your internship, even if your duties will include brewing coffee. You have to learn that too!

For more information, visit Fly High University.

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