If you know any fun ways to brighten up your school life, how to deal with boredom at school, then send them to us here.

Here's yours boredom remedies at school:

* You have a phone book - you find a given teacher and his phone number, you call him at 4:00 in the morning, he answers, and you have 15 seconds to put it away, after that time if you do it often, the teacher can notify the prosecutor's office, and they need 15 seconds to track you down. hoodies

* A nice way to miss a part of the lesson is to jump out with the slogan that some classmate has a birthday today, you get up, start singing happy birthday (heh sometimes a few times in 45 minutes), and since the teachers change, you can do it at any lesson! Methical

* Pour domestos or other caustic liquid into a bucket of water, it's safe for the teacher to get the cream after wetting the sponge or to the bathroom, sent by qtch

* A good way to piss off a teacher is to put some pins in a sponge. Now when he takes it in his hand and squeezes it to see if it is well wet you will have a lot of fun!!! If you want to provoke him to erase the board, just write a few curse words on the board =]

* It's also interesting that when you smear the blackboard with soap, you can't write on it with chalk. So get to work!

* There is a fun way to make a teacher a moose. How?!! So most often the chair on which the teacher sits in the classroom is right under the blackboard. Draw the horns of an elk or a rabbit on it in such a way that when it sits down it looks like the antlers come out of its head. The lesson immediately becomes more interesting =]

* IT trick: replace the guy with one of the floppy disks and he will be surprised in a while :-))

* Floppy Bombs by the Jolly Roger

You'll need:
– a floppy disk
– knife
– white or blue matches (must be in these colors!)
- nail polish

– carefully open the floppy disk (3.5″ is the best)
– remove the wool veneer from the inside
– grind the sulfur in a bowl (watch out for sparks)
– spread a large amount of sulfur on the disc
– then, using a brush, spread the varnish on sulfur
- wait for it to dry
- carefully fold the floppy using a brush... - when the floppy is in the drive and the head starts reading, there will be a small fire (enough to damn the drive)
Pealoo, II LO Bydgoszcz

* If you want to have some sinks in class, find some bum who will come to your lessons for a beer and make a little mess 😉

* If there is a blackboard in the room. after which you write with a washable marker ... replace with an indelible one

* As a school combatant, I advise the young generation to avoid tests and boring classes (I haven't found this method at your place, has it been forgotten?)
1. jar
2. fill with water
3. add a piece of cheese and possibly other additives
4. close the jar
5. wait two weeks (possibly longer)
6. unscrew on the test, spill in the trash near the teachers' room, pour through the gap between the floor and the door to the room where the classes are to be held
7. step 6 is best done in a gas mask
8. DO NOT OPEN AT HOME!!!!!!! using this method I always managed to avoid the test he he he.
proposes gravi

* Recently we saw an interesting sign in the toilet, above the urinal "Keep a distance - 5m"

* One of the tricks that are good for a boring lesson is something like this: write on a piece of paper "Who painted this elephant on the ceiling?" and circulate around the classroom. It always works for me. Everyone is looking for an elephant on the ceiling. HA! HA!
proposes Mouse

* If you are terribly bored in class (which is always) draw a locomotive with one car on the desk and write "if you are bored draw a car", the next day there will be a lot of beautiful cars.

* Write in the bathroom "Look up" - (there) "look left" - (there) "look down" - (there) "look right" - (there) "turn around" - ( and there) "Well, what are you fidgeting about?".

* Always at lessons, when the bell is approaching, we like to sing the song "Call, ring, ring the bell..." with my friends.

* Write on the wall with a marker in large letters "Let's not take away the work of the cleaners".

* Write on the wall with a marker in large letters "Please do not write on the walls".

* The inscription on the ceiling "Sorry I couldn't go higher".

* Write on the wall "In case of fire, look at the floor" (and there...) "In case of fire you idiot!!!!".

* If you want a place in school to be spit all the time, just write: "Spit here".

* I'm sure you love your teachers very much, so write "House of Vampires" on the staff room door. Or write on the cleaners' room "Please do not disturb - important meeting"

* Before the lesson, wet your hands and start tapping on the board. When the water dries, the board looks great like a four-armoured tank

The following actions are directed against the IT specialist. But beware!!! It works only on about half of this type of teachers, i.e. computer scientists - lammers .... the other half of the IT guys are cool folks, so watch out, they'll pop in sooner than you think.

* When your IT specialist leaves the classroom, play around with his computer's screensaver settings: set it to password protection and set the screensaver to turn on after, for example, 10 minutes, so that it doesn't turn on right away. Once you leave the classroom, there's no way for him to prove to you that you did it, because he won't know when it happened.

* You can have fun with an IT specialist (preferably with a not very bright one), you can make fun of him, e.g. dim the monitor and pretend it's broken, see for yourself how cool he will be to fix it.

How to download at school? your advice!