Your download tips
Your download tips

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* My first method, unfortunately, only works on chemistry papers [although I used it once on a biology paper, we just used the table at the end of the textbook]. Tables are often used in such tests [e.g. periodic table or others] at the back of the manual. In such a case, when we know that we will use it, write the cheat sheets on the back very gently with a thin pencil [can be a cover]. Exercises are best for this because the textbook is rather better paper and worse writing. No one will be surprised unless we stick our nose in a book. Thanks to this, I managed to get a 5 on a test once, even though I couldn't do anything at all.

* Second - we have such a way in class. We make one class cheat sheet in several copies [may be photocopies]. And then we pass these critiques on to each other. How, unfortunately, is more difficult. You can pass, throw, etc. It depends on your invention. It is important that the smartest in the class do the cheat and that no one from the class spills [such phenomena exist]. We haven't had a fall yet.


* I stick the cheat sheet to a handkerchief and take it out during class, wipe my nose lightly and remove it at the same time. I often hide the cheat sheet in a pen


* the method is as old as it is senseless and untested, but it may come in handy :)
Well, on important exams we often bring with us various mascots, etc. and after all, in the mascot you can put a cheat sheet :). How? Here you go:
1. we cut the belly of the mascot
2. remove the feathers from it
3. take a measure (the one that slides out and slides in)
4. A sciage is attached to the beginning of the measure
5. We put the measuring cup into the belly of this toy so that its beginning with a squeegee comes out through the mouth
6. sew the mascot and that's it.
now during tests etc. we can pull out the measure from the cheat sheet and when we let it go it slides in by itself. BUT it's worse when the measure gets caught in the feathers and won't want to slide in :)) then it can be a problem, that's all


How to download at school? your advice!